Welcome to Legacy Forge!


“Welcome to Legacy Forge, where artistry meets history in every meticulously crafted piece. Explore our exclusive collection of handcrafted arms and armor, forged with precision by skilled artisans in the heart of the United States. Each creation is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring you own a piece of unparalleled craftsmanship. Dive into a world where heritage and innovation collide.

Hours Of Operations: Open Monday – Friday 
9:00 am To 6:00 pm 
Closed on Mondays In the Months Of
April & May

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Legacy Forge Make Them?

Yes, all of our items are hand-forged here in the United States and all of our steel is from US sources.

What Payment Methods Do you Take?

Legacy Forge accepts - All Major Credit / Debit Cards, Money Orders, and Cashier's Checks. We do not accept personal checks.

When you purchace a sword from legacy forge

We offer our blades with a sparring edge so you can fight with direct steel-to-steel contact. Limiting accidental chopping of anything off anyone else. Legacy Forge does offer sharpening services with most of our blades.

Sharpening costs start at $40 per linear foot. however, there are a select few that will not sharpen. Contact us to learn which ones.

Are All Of Your Products Listed On Your Website?

Unfortunately No, Legacy Forge relies on our presence at festivals and events. Due to the nature of hand-crafted work not all of our products are sold online and we do not have a storefront. Check our show schedule to see all our products. We make sure to have a large one-of-a-kind selections at each event.

Do You Do Customer Orders?

Due to the high volume of past orders we are still working on, we are not currently taking any
custom orders.

How Much Is Shipping

Shipping can range between $20.00 to $200.00 or more depending on the length and weight of the product along with the destination. Most of our shipping prices are added on to your Paypal invoice when you purchase an item. NOTE* Some items may require you contact us for pricing

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The BKS line is one of my favorites for use in stage combat! After six years of constant weekend shows 5x a day with the Cut Thrust And Run shows I think we put them to the highest tests of combat imaginable!
- Shane Richmond

High-quality blades, and they stand behind their work forever.

- Timothy Scheidler

I fully recommend Paul and the rest of his people at Legacy Forge. I have made a few purchases from them including a special order that while it took a few months to get done was WELL worth the wait. I have been very satisfied with all my purchases and will be buying more from them.
- Stuart Fenton Mudd